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Cleaning Your Criminal Record

Invariably, I will get a call from someone who keeps getting turned down by employers. He finally realizes that the mistake he made years ago is following him around today, alerting everyone about something he thought "was cleaned off his record." 

Even though you may have won your case in a trial or were able to get a case dismissed, people may still find your criminal history from this charge. That is also true even if you received deferred adjudication probation for an offense and successfully completed your community supervision. Although you were never found guilty, a potential employer probably can still find out about this past brush with the law. One needs to take additional action to clean one's record.

If you had a Class C deferred misdemeanor, won a trial, or had a case dismissed you might be eligible to have the record expunged. An expunction gets rid of the arrest record and everything that came from that arrest. It is as if it never existed.

Under other circumstances, such as successfully completing a deferred adjudication probation, one can file for a petition for nondisclosure. A nondisclosure order will prevent the government from releasing information about the case to, basically, the general public. Law agencies, some educational entities, and licensing agencies will still be able to see the information. This is still quite valuable for most people because most potential employers will not be able to see the information. 

‚ÄčIf you think you might be eligible for either of these record cleaning procedures contact Efrain Sain. He can check your record and let you know what is possible. He can file the proper motions and fight to be sure you get the full benefit of the nondisclosure or expungement laws.