Juvenile Law

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If your child has recently been arrested, you probably have many questions: Will your child face jail time? When and how will my child come home? How is a juvenile treated differently than adult when facing a charge? How will this arrest or conviction change your child’s life or future?

An experienced and knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney can answer these questions for you. Be aware that juvenile offenses can carry some serious penalties that can affect the child’s life now and into the future.

The juvenile system takes a more holistic approach than the adult criminal justice system. Rehabilitation is the focus and the system looks to the parents as a part of the solution. 

While juvenile law was initially aimed toward rehabilitating young offenders, it has changed into a system in which juvenile records and adjudications can follow your children into adulthood. Attending college, joining the military, and obtaining gainful employment are all more difficult with a juvenile record. As such, you need a lawyer who understands juvenile law in Texas.

Efrain Sain has helped families in juvenile courts in the DFW area from charges as small as misdemeanor theft to serious felony crimes like sexual assault of a child. He has been fortunate to witness the positive change a whole family can go through as the child and his parents tackle the underlying problems that led to the original charge. Call Efrain Sain 972-406-8281 to help you and your child during this difficult time.