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Probation Revocation Attorney

If you are facing a charge of violating your probation with a Motion to Revoke or a Motion to Adjudicate, you need to get an experienced lawyer to fight this charge. Unlike when one is charged originally, the state does not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the original offense. They need to prove, merely with the preponderance of the evidence, that he or she committed a violation of his or her conditions of probation, a much easier task that can lead to serving the rest of one's sentence in jail or prison. Probation is tough with all it's conditions and costs. It seems every year the state is able to find a new way to make the defendant bear the burden of the cost of the judicial system with a new fee. Most of my clients are not high wage earning professionals but normal hard working people who are trying to just get by. The conditions of probation can be onerous.

Further, many of my clients on probation for drugs are addicts. They have a disease. While the 12-step programs embrace that what is important is progress, not perfection, the state does not necessarily abide to such a philosophy. Some counties will give their probationers a very short leash.

​ Probation violation defense lawyer Efrain Sain finds that each county in the DFW has a different approach to these type of cases. He knows what is the best approach in each county so the client has the best chance of staying free. He has the resources to help the client get the rehab or counseling the client needs, not just for his legal case, but for his life.

Frequently, a defendant will "pick up" a new case, triggering the probation violation charge. It is best to use the same attorney to negotiate the best solution for all the charges at once. Efrain Sain, unlike many attorneys, has experience in all the counties in the DFW area and knows how to resolve multiple cases from different counties to get the best result for his client Free consultation ▪ Se habla español ▪ Contact us day or night: 972-406-8281