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Sex Crimes Attorney

​Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Assault,

Indecency with a Child, Sexual Assault of a Child, AggravatedSexual Assault of a Child, Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography, Continual Sexual Abuse of Young Child or Children, Prostitution, Solicitation

Efrain Sain has extensive experience with fighting all types of sex offense charges. We have won child abuse cases, perhaps the most difficult of all types of cases, in jury trials. We have had all manner of sex crime cases dismissed in the counties of DFW.  The child sex abuse cases frequently are based on just the word of a child, without any further evidence. This can easily be a recipe that can lead to a wrongful conviction. Add to that situation are state "expert" witnesses who will testify that whatever the facts are, they are "consistent" with sex abuse.

The Law Office of Efrain Sain PLLC has the resources of experts to help battle these most difficult of cases. Why would the child lie is the question jurors and prosecutors ask. We know how to answer that question and present it to the jury, depending on the fact situation. 

Because the penalties are often so severe and because being charged with a sex crime more often than not does irreparable damage to one’s reputation, it is in the accused’s best interest to engage the services of an experienced and aggressive sex crimes attorney.  Efrain Sain has the experience and dedication you’re looking for when you need a criminal defense lawyer.
Any type of sex offense involving children needs the attention of an experienced attorney immediately. 
Negotiating some of these types of cases is further complicated by the lifetime requirement of sex offender registration that comes with accepting punishment in these cases. These requirements are quite onerous and, in many cases, have no relationship to the facts of the offense.  We look at the total picture for our clients. 

When one is charged with a sex crime, particularly one having to do with children, one find out who his true friends are. During this most difficult of times, you need someone who "has your back." Efrain Sain will have your back and not falter in defending you against such charges.