"I used Mr. Sain on another case and he did good job so I ask him represent me in this assault case family violence case. He knew what to do. He got the da to offer to dismiss the case if I did a really long class for 6 months. Mr. Sain tell me, no, let's go to trial, with the evidence they have, you shouldn't even have to do class. We did and they dismissed the case. Great news. I can apply to get my citizenship now with no problem. I recommend him to many people in our Chin community. He is good for all of them."

Assault,  Family Violence.

Set case for jury trial.

Case was dismissed on the day of trial.

I have been fortunate to successfully represent many Chin people, who are political refugees from Myanmar (Burma).


 1st - Possession of Marijuana that was dismissed with a Motion to Suppress. Judge agreed the police didn't have probable cause to arrest.

2nd -  2 years later a DWI with .09 breath test and admitting to police he was smoking dope. Hung jury. DA's finally dismissed it. He got deferred on an obstruction. 


Felony Assault by Impeding

Breath, Family Violence.

Deferred Probation. This is an Iraq war veteran who suffered from PTSD. A very good man who did one bad thing.   


"Mr. Sain represented me in a Felony case and from what the initial plea he negotiated for me to have 4 years cut off my probation. when i felt hopeless he always encouraged me to stay focused on my job and family and let him worry about the law. he never ever disappointing me when it came to my case and the outcome. i wish i could say more but i will leave you with this in mind. Freedom is not Free and i have my freedom thanks to Mr. Sain."

"I got a DWI I went to talk with Efrain and he was every understanding and helpful I knew from the first talk we had that he was a very good lawyer because I had gone to see two other lawyers and they seem that all they care was about the money. And Efrain won my case and had it dismiss I don't have a suspended license because he won that for me too and my DWI was dismiss too. Like I said he is a great lawyer I would recommend him. He is very loyal to his work."

Not Guilty DWI

Jury Trial


"I had a burglary of habitation 2nd degree felony I was facing 2-20 yrs my charges were brought down to a misdemeanor of a criminal mischief. Since I'm not a citizen this was very important. Not only that, I didn't burglarize the house. It was a totally wrong charge. DA wouldn't listen until Efrain went to set it for trial. I'm 18 yrs old and now have a much better chance with my life. He kept fighting for me and would not accept the DA's version. He listened to me. He believed me. He fought for me."

2nd degree burglary reduced to misdemeanor

​criminal mischeif.


"Brother had a sex assault and stalking case. False charges. He was in jail for 14 months. Hired Mr. Sain in January of 2013 because his other attorney was only getting him 12 years prison time. Mr. Sain set it for trial and was aggresive in pursuing the case. He hired an investigator and was able to get text messages that helped my brother. On the second setting for trial, the DA dismissed all charges. My brother is free! We are very happy."

Facing  12 years

in prison & 

deportation, we found crucial evidence that set him free. 



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(972) 406-8281

Criminal Defense Lawyer - 15 years

"I hired Efrain Sain about two years ago when I was faced with a problem with the authorities. In my entire process of this trial which lasted about 2 years Mr. Sain presented himself very professional and responsible towards me and my case. For me Mr. Sain is one of the best lawyers I have worked with. He represented me very well in my case and I really admired his work. I would visit his office on a regular basis to receive updates on my trial and he was always very attentive and courteous. Aside from this Mr. Sain would always keep me updated about my trial with letters and phone calls. I would definitely recommend this lawyer to my acquaintances because he is one to trust and depend on. Mr. Sain was actually recommended to me by a friend who was also very pleased with the work he had done in his trial. Therefore I would recommend this lawyer because even though my trial was long he did not give up until we won. I won this trial with the help of my lawyer Mr. Sain who led me and guided me through this difficult process. In conclusion I highly believe that I could have not won this trial without the help of Mr. Efrain Sain. It is because of him that I am now clear of this problem and no longer have to worry about it. 
I won this case thanks to Mr. Efrain Sain."

I had a drug case that would have kept me from being able to get citizenship. The state didn't have the best proof but they still might have won with the right jury. Efrain Sain talked to my immigration attorney who told us we had to fight this case if I wanted to stay here legally. I have lived here since I was 2 years old and am married to a US citizen. I could not back down now. We went to fight the case in a trial and the DA dismissed it. This was not just a criminal charge for me. This was affecting my whole life to live in the United States. I am grateful to Efrain Sain for fighting for me.

Possession of DrugParaphernalia

This was just a Class C misdemeanor. A deferred probation would have been good for a US citizen but not for this undocumented alien. A high percentage of my clients are not US citizens which sometimes forces us to take greater risks and go to trial.   


DWI Dismissed

Received Deferred on Obstruction.


"I stumbled onto Mr. Sain on a previous case couple years ago by mistake but glad I did. Mr. Sain works hard at getting the facts and proven your case within doubt. I say he is Awesome! 

I caught a marijuana case about 6 years ago. Mr. Sain listened to me and did his research. We had a hearing, not a trial, but he questioned the cops and showed the judge the cops didn't have the right to arrest me. The judge threw the case out cause the cops screwed up.

Then, a couple of years ago, I got arrested for a DWI. I was respectful to the officer and gave him a breath test. It was a .09. Then I mentioned I had smoked dope earlier. We went to trial and only 1 juror wanted to find me guilty. Mr. Sain is really good in front of that jury. And he doesn't let the police get away with anything. We had a hung jury. So, we were going to do it again but he convinced the DA to dismiss it and give me something where I can clean off my record and not have the big costs of surcharges for a DWI. I got arrested in 2011 and just now, in the summer of 14 we finished the case. It took a long time but Mr Sain stayed with it until we got the best result. 

Thanks, for your dedication on working with me and always being a ear to Listen. #1 Fan"

DWI Won Jury Trial


He was facing 20 years on a burglary of habitation. With statements from witnesses was able to convince DA that he didn't enter house and at most, helped sell 2 items. Good naive kid. Bad friends. 


"Life saver

Hi my name is nicholas and Effrain Sain has been my attorney for quite some time now. i was charged with burglary of habitation and Lord knows i fought that case, and talk about stress. Amazingly Effrain stepped and and did a tremendous job. it was dropped from a felony to a class a misdemeanor with deferred probation which is a piece of cake being that i've changed my life around and i'm having my first child...But all in all i do recommend Effrain as an Attorney and to Effrain thanks for giving me my life back..."

Young college woman who was faced with Class A assault. One of her co-defendants was found guilty in a trial and the other pled to deferred on this Class A charge. My client pled to deferred 3 month Class C. We will expunge it at the end of the 3 months. 


"I had a dwi it took two years but he was able to get it dismissed he even offered me a toxicologist to help me with my case which no other lawyer offered."


I was visiting one of my friends when a fight broke out, I tried to help the situation without touching anyone, however a year after the event I was falsely accused and charged of an assault as well as the other people present there. 

That is when I recieved a mail from Mr. Sain. Usually I am skeptical of anything solicited but he had his education and a free consultation option mentioned in the flyer, so I called and booked a visitation. 

At my first meeting he was very informative of the court systems and how I should go about this trial, he was understanding of my financial situation and gave me a good deal for looking into this case, but more so he believed my story. 

Even though the court took two years to resolve this case, and two other defendants were similarly charged. Comparing Mr. Efrain to the other defendant's lawyer who was supposed to be an expensive, well known lawyer, in these two years Mr Efrain did a splendid job at keeping up with the details of the case, witness, court dates and even meeting with me. He was very compassionate about my requirements, always present, and even took out the time to come to the other defendants trials to be prepared for mine. 

I did not have a jury trial even though I paid for one, a week later the judge offered a trial but that did not happen either because Mr. Efrain was able to get me a good plea bargain. Either way prior to the plea bargain, he put forth all his effort as if we WERE going trial. 

He maybe late for your first court date or few others but his office is all the way in Valley View lane and he's running around denton and collin county, so do not think he does not care, he does; but traffic is real too. Be patient with him, and he will be understanding and patient with you."